Dr. Katrin Heer

Philipps University Marburg

Diploma in Biology – University of Ulm, 2009
PhD Biology – University of Ulm, 2013

Her research focuses on the evolutionary ecology of tree species. Katrin employs genetic and genomic approaches and combines it with ecological data to address questions regarding the local adaptation of forest tree species and the impact of plant-animal interactions on gene flow in neotropical tree species.

Dra. Paula Marchelli


She works in population genetics of forests trees from Patagonia. She is mainly involved in applying molecular markers for studies of gene flow, phylogeography, hybridization, etc, and has recently started working with candidate genes in order to study the response of trees to climate change.

Dr. Lars Opgenoorth

Philipps University Marburg

Diploma in Geography – University of Marburg, 2003 
PhD Biology – University of Marburg, 2009

He focuses on the evolutionary ecology of forests and high mountain environments working in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. He utilizes a broad range of methods ranging from genomics and (remote) sensing to classical ecological methods. Since his initial dendroecological study on forest islands in the Gobi Altay mountains in 2003, Lars has wanted to merge the fields of dendroecology and genomics. 

Dr. Mario Juan Pastorino


B.Sc. Forestry – Universidad Nacional de La Plata, 1992
PhD in Forestry Sciences – Universität of Göttingen, 2000

His lines of research are framed within the genetics of forest populations. The topics of his current research are related to adaptive processes and variation in quantitative traits, and are intended to generate information for the use and conservation of the genetic resources of native forest trees of Patagonia. He is also involved in restoration of degraded forests of Patagonia.

Jill Sekely, PhD candidate

Philipps University Marburg

B.Sc. Biology – Michigan Technological University, 2010
Master of Science – Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, 2018
Master of Forestry – University of Alberta, 2018

With a background in conservation, animal behavior, and forestry, it’s possible Jill has spent a little too much time in the woods. Originally hailing from Michigan (USA), Jill has spent most of the past four years abroad pursuing academic research, and she joined the LocalAdapt team in January 2019.